Bracelet | Siin & Sääl


Silver-chain bracelet adorned with a white blossom and petals against a dark-blue background.

The bracelet is a piece of Georgian cloisonné enamel jewelry, made by artist Maia Gochashvili.


Maia's family has suffered the consequences of two wars. First she had to leave Tskhinvali in 1991, and her aunt took her in. The second time around, in 2008, Maia moved to Tserovani IDP (Internally Displaced People) Settlement. She left behind her childhood and everything precious to her; it was all gone.

In Tserovani, Maia learned how to craft enamel jewelry. This became a joy to Maia, who attended every class hoping it could get her out of her current situation. It became not only therapeutic, but turned into a full-time employment at Ikorta. Drawing her inspiration from the traditional Georgian outfit chokha, tulips and blue tablecloths, Maia has made her own niche. Maia considers Ikorta's growth to be helpful for the community in the settlement, too. They are able to show the world that they are not just IDPs; they are recovering. 

The social enterprise Ikorta was founded in 2012 by the Non Governmental Organisation For Better Future, that operates in the Tserovani IDP Settlement. Because of the Russo-Georgian war in 2008, there are hundreds of internally displaced people in Georgia, most of which are settled in Tserovani. 

Ikorta offers professional development and employment opportunities for individuals who reside in the settlement. Using traditional Georgian techniques, the enterprise offers its customers a wide range of handcrafted items.The social enamel jewelry enterprise reinvests the profits from sales into programming for youth and women in the settlement. 

Sotsiaalse ettevõtte Ikorta asutas 2012. aastal mittetulundusühing Parema Tuleviku nimel. Organisatsioon tegutseb Tserovani IRL -is. 2008 aasta Vene-Gruusia sõja tõttu on Gruusias siiani sadu riigisiseselt ümberasustatud inimesi. Enamik neist elab Tserovanis. Ikorta pakub Tserovani asulas elavatele isukutele eneseteostust ja töövõimalusi. Ettevõtte valmistab Gruusia traditsioonilisi emailiga kaunistatud käsitööesemeid. Müügist saadud tulu suunatakse asula noorte ja naise arengu toetamisse.