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Jacket "MIRJAN"

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Mid-length dolman cut jacket with applique collar. Black, made of a cotton-blend. The wide-sleeved jacket has a bright colour in warm tones of purple and pink, embellished with a black pattern. The jacket comes in one size and suits both women and men.

The Master Peace items can be tried on at Liivalaia 28, Tallinn. Please send an email to info@siinjasaal.ee beforehand!

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The Master Peace - conveying a distinct message for peace 

The Master Peace draws on the idea of genuine artistic expression as a message for peace. Within the project, items are crafted that bring together contemporary elements, timeless elegance and versatile use, all while staying true to our human values. It centres around empowerment, self-sustainability and a durable way forward for vulnerable communities. The brand offers a wide selection of knitted, embroidered, woven and crochet products by Syrian refugees living in Beqaa valley, Lebanon.

Handmade-done-modern perfectly captures the essence of the brand. Each garment is an exploration of different cuts and texture. Traditional techniques are used that both honor the legacy of the craft, and infuse looks with a modern touch. Made to be wearable and gender neutral, all available items are suitable for those in search of carefully tailored, and unique pieces.

The Master Peace brand was created by Sawa for Development and Aid together with Estonian Refugee Council in 2018, with support from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It assists Syrian refugees in making their own sustainable livelihood, through creative and artistic means. Proceeds from the sales help to directly support the Master Peace team.