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Rectangular pendant made of stering silver, decorated with blue, geometric enamel patterns. Chain is sold separetely. 

The pendant is a piece of Georgian cloisonné jewelry, made by artist Ana Zaridze.

Ana describes the challenge of having to relocate to Tserovani as leaving your entire world for somewhere meaningless and empty; stripped of all dear childhood memories. Why can some move freely while others have their rights deprived, she asked in reflection, 12 years old at the time.

Overcoming the experience went differently for each and every Internally Displaced Person (IDP), Ana says. Everything around you is new, strange - a challenge in itself. When Ana joined the Ikorta social enterprise, it changed her life. Despite obstacles, Ana eventually enrolled in a jewelry making course - and is now working her dream job; where she is able to express her creativity alongside warm and open colleagues. 

The social enterprise Ikorta was founded in 2012 by the Non Governmental Organisation For Better Future, that operates in the Tserovani IDP Settlement. Because of the Russo-Georgian war in 2008, there are hundreds of internally displaced people in Georgia, most of which are settled in Tserovani. 

Ikorta offers professional development and employment opportunities for individuals who reside in the settlement. Using traditional Georgian techniques, the enterprise offers its customers a wide range of handcrafted items.The social enamel jewelry enterprise reinvests the profits from sales into programming for youth and women in the settlement.