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Women's shirt "DAWN" Brown

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Ukrainian vyshyvanka women's shirt in white, with embroidered geometric and floral details on the front and sleeves. Made of linen. 


This shirt is handcrafted by the Solomia Reshetylivka Craft Studio, located in Reshetylivka, Ukraine. Since 2004, the studio has carried on the traditional art of weaing and decorating vyshyvankas, drawing on both modern and folk elements to create beautiful and comfortable looks. Solomia's characteristic style blends floral and geometric patterns, brought to life with intricate, embroidered details. Brought from Ukraine with the message "make your world beautiful and cosy", Solomia's garments are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. 


This shirt is available in S (1x), M (1x) and L (1x). Please indicate in your order which size you are purchasing