Cooking class: Arabic Kitchen | Siin & Sääl

Cooking class: Arabic Kitchen

28.10.2020 18:00 to 21:00
Liivalaia 28
Learn how to cook Arabic dishes with our chef Shereen from Syria!
We will start off with baking Arabic bread and making falafels, which we then form into the classics of Middle East street food: falafel sandwich! We will also make traditional tabboula salad, hummus, tahhiini-kefir-pomegranate sauce and the pearl of Arabic desserts, kunafa! For kunafa cakes we will use special gatayef dough and prepare sweet curd.
We will end the night, of course, our stomachs full of food and heads full of new information about Arabic kitchen!
Time: October 28th, 6pm - 9pm
Price: 45 eur
Venue: Liivalaia 28, Tallinn
Group: up to 12 people
Please reserve your spot: (before 26.10.2020)